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The following is a partial list of episodes.

Oct 8, 1961 - A new half-hour series originating from Vancouver on nature studies. Murray Newman, curator of the Vancouver Aquarium, accompanies two children in a ramble through Stanley Park and along the seashore that skirts the park area. Together they look at the patterns of form and function of the park's fauna and flora.

Oct 22, 1961 - How comic strips reflect their era.

Nov 5, 1961 History of Medicine: Dr. William Gibson of UBC.

Nov 26, 1961 - The Spanish Civil War, Part I.

Mar 4, 1962 - Listen With Your Eyes. A visit to Jericho Hill School for deaf children in Vancouver where children are taught to communicate with finger spelling, lip reading and speaking. Children at the school range in age from five to 20 and the school is proud of the fact that this fall for the first time, two graduates will be starting at university.

Aug 11, 1962 - Victoria 100. Second of a two-part study of the city of Victoria in its centenary year as a city.

Sep 29, 1962 - "Inside Len Norris." An examination of Len Norris, editorial cartoonist for the Vancouver Sun. The program learns how he approaches his work, how he came to be a cartoonist and how he feels about the reactions of officials and the public to his work. (Rescheduled from Sep 22)

Jun 30, 1963 - Season debut. "The Weakest Link," first of two shows on space travel. Tonight, Bob Quintrell questions research scientists Romney Lowry, Conrad Kraft and Duane Chapman on the problems man will encounter while living in space.

Jul 7, 1963 - The Weakest Link. Last of a two-part documentary on outer-space research being done at the Boeing Aircraft Plant in Seattle, Washington.

Jul 14, 1963 - "Housing Design," Part l. The historical development of domestic dwellings is outlined.

Jul 21, 1963 - Housing Design— Part I. An outline of the development of domestic dwellings from primitive times to the 1890's; trends in classic Roman and Japanese cultures, written by Vancouver architect Arthur Erickson

Aug 11, 1963 - "The Victoria Nile" traces the route taken by Sir Samuel Baker and his wife Florence when they discovered the source of the Mile River. Art Hives is host. Frank Wade narrates.

Sep 8, 1963 - Before the Wright Brothers. Part 2.
Last of two programs dealing with heavier-than-air experiments attempted from the time of Sir George Cayley to the Wright brothers. A filmed interview with Charles Gibbs-Smith, an expert on the history of the aeroplane, is included. Scale models and photographs of the early craft are used as illustrations. Some of the early pioneers of flight discussed on the show are the German glider ace Lilienthal, and the Frenchman, Chanute. Host and narrator is Bob Quintrell.

Sep 15, 1963 - Bush Pilots - Silver Dart to Siskins. First of a three-part series on the birth of flight in Canada, The flight of the Silver Dart at Baddeck Bay, Nova Scotia, February 23, 1909 brought the air age to Canada. The plane was designed by the late Hon. J. A. D. McCurdy under the supervision of Alexander Graham Bell. Bush flying in Canada didn't begin on a specific date, but the first outstanding event was the flight of a Junker aircraft to Bear Island with pioneer flyers George Gorman, "Wop" May and Elmer Fullerton in 1921.

Sep 22, 1963 - "Arctic Pilots," Part 2 of "Bush Pilots of the West," shows a modern expedition to Melville Island in the Arctic where oil-and-mineral drilling is in progress.

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