Dionne Quintuplets, The (Documentary) (1978)

Aka: Quintuplées Dionne, Les

Back in 1934, Elzire Dionne delivered five identical girls. The Dionne Quintuplets follows Cecile, Emilie, Marie, Yvonne and Annette through twenty-one years of strange upbringing. When the girls were just infants, the premier of Ontario issued a court order removing them from parental care. Cut off from the world and their family, over-publicized, viewed twice daily in a special viewing compound, they grew up as prize exhibits. Director Donald Brittain uses old newsreel footage, home-movie sequences and interviews to depict a historic event that became a tragic exploitation of a family.

Pierre Berton....Narrator (voice)
Annette Dionne....Herself (archive footage)
Cecile Dionne....Herself (archive footage)
Elzire Dionne....Herself (Mother) (archive footage)
Emilie Dionne....Herself (archive footage)
Marie Dionne....Herself (archive footage)
Yvonne Dionne....Herself (archive footage)
Éric Gaudry....Narrator (French version)
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