D'Iberville (Series) (1968-1969)

Radio-Canada collaborated with France, Belgium, and Switzerland to produce D'Iberville, a thirty-nine week dramatic series based on the life of Pierre Lemoyne, Sieur d'Iberville.

D'Iberville was shot on location near Quebec City on sets representing Quebec and Montreal settlements at the end of the seventeenth century, and a full scale replica of d'Iberville's ship, The Pelican. The story dealt generally with the battle among the French, English, and Dutch for control of the fur trade and the North American territories. The final episodes traced d'Iberville's career as a naval commander on expedition to Acadia and Newfoundland, and included the capture of Forts Severn and Nelson. The series had a cast of over 175 actors and was a rare example of a French language production airing on the English network.

The CBC also produced This Is D'Iberville, a half-hour documentary on the making of the television series in 1967.

Albert Millaire .... D'Iberville
Jacques Monod .... La Barre
Alexandre Rignault .... Jacques Le Ber
François Rozet .... Charles Le Moyne
Lionel Villeneuve .... Perrot
Yves Létourneau .... La Salle

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC, SRC

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byOleg Kobtzeff, Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, August 10, 2007
One of my happiest childhood televisual memories is watching "D'Iberville", every evening, after returning from school. I saw it in France, where the Canadian series was co-produced and aired during the special children's programming time around 6PM. The production quality surpassed anything ever shown in French until the ground breaking "Rois Maudsits" and the intelligence of the script was neither artificially emphatic (as so many historic or litterary TV adaptations often over-rated by uncritical nostalgics of the 1960s); nor was it romanticized and historically sloppy as US series set in the same period (Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett...). As pre-adolescents, we were strognly impressed by "D'Iberville" and the performance of many fine actors and commented the last evening's episode when we met in school the next morning.I can still sing the exact notes of the music. Every day I would try to note as many words as possible while the quote from d'Iberville appeared during the opening credits. I learned the quote by heart and it is still my motto to this day. But most important, for my generation, "D'Iberville" was our first real glimpse into Canadian history. Its study became a life-long interest ever since, even shaping my future career of university professor of history and geopgraphy.

I have been trying to find the series on DVD or VHS for years, unsuccessfully. Where is it possible to see it? Or should I just travel to Canada when it airs again on Radio-Canada?

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