Diamonds (Series) (1987-1989)

Mike and Christina worked together on a television show called "Two of Diamonds". They would eventually fall in love, get married, and get divorced. Years later, they would get back together in a different sense: as private investigators. They worked well together and kept it strictly business. Still, they cared for one another and never forgot about that.

Nicholas Campbell .... Michael Devitt
Peggy Smithhart .... Christina Towne
Tony Rosato .... Sergeant Lou Gianetti
Alan Feiman .... Darryl (1987-1988)
Roland Magdane .... René Francour (1988-1989)
Carlton Watson .... Manny
Alix De Konopka .... Solange (1987-1988)
Charles W. Gray .... Duke (1988-1989)
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