Devil and Daniel Mouse, The (Special) (1978)

Finding their audience drying up in favour of rock music, two young mouse folk singers find themselves with a bleak future. Desperate for a better career and life, the female vows that she would do anything to become a rock star. Instantly, the Devil arises to take advantage of that and offers to make her a star in exchange for her soul. She agrees and she quickly becomes the star she's dreamed of while her boyfriend, Daniel Mouse, is left behind. On the night of her greatest triumph, the devil comes to collect on her soul. In desperation, she turns to Daniel who must attempt the impossible task of trying to find an escape loophole for his girl's release.

Aired Oct 22, 1978

Jim Henshaw....Daniel Mouse
John Sebastian ....Rock Show Emcee, Daniel Mouse singing
Annabelle Kershaw....Jan
Laurel Runn....Jan singing
Chris Wiggins....B.L. Zebubb
Martin Lavut....Weez Weasel, Pawnbroker
Dianne Lawrence....Interviewer

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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