Destiny Ridge (Series) (1993-1995)

Destiny Ridge
Drama/soap opera set in the fictional tourist town of Argent, Alberta.

The first season was co-produced with a German company. When the Germans pulled out, the series morphed into a steamy soap opera. Two seasons of hour long episodes aired on Global.

The pilot was titled "High Country" and aired as a tv movie on the CBC in 1992.

Richard Comar .... Don Jenkins
Raoul Trujillo .... Sam Whitehorse
Nancy Anne Sakovich .... Julie Fryman
Rebecca Jenkins .... Linda Hazelton
Ken Camroux .... James Hazleton
Philip Granger .... Frank Kubolek
Laurie Holden .... Darlene Kubolek
Shaun Johnston .... Rich Dearden
David Lereaney .... Roger Buick
Esther Purves-Smith .... Merle Owen
Kavan Smith .... Clay Roberts
Elke Sommer .... Anna
Cheryl Wilson .... Molly Dearden

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC, Global

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