Denny Vaughan Show, The (Series) (1954-1957)

Aka: On Stage with Denny Vaughan

Pianist and arranger Denny Vaughan and singer Joan Fairfax appeared in this popular summer series in 1954. When it attracted Lever Brothers as a commercial sponsor, starting in the 1955 season, it had changed format. Where the summer show had been a relaxed and unassuming musical program, the regular season broadcasts had more glitz. With its major production numbers and comics imported from the USA, it had become a variety show. By the 1956 season, the producer retreated back into a more strictly musical format and adopted a more consciously Canadian talent policy. Two groups, the Diamonds and the Add-Fours, took turns as the featured vocal quartet. The show also featured an act from French Canada every week.

Denny Vaughan .... Host
Charles Calmers
Joan Fairfax
Don Hewitt
Glenna Jones
Mitch Nutick

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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