Degrassi Talks (Miniseries) (1992)

Degrassi Talks
After the "School's Out" film some of the Degrassi actors took part in an educational documentary named Degrassi Talks. There are six talks, each devoted to a specific subject and hosted by one ofthe actors. The topics include Abuse, Alcohol, Depression, Drugs, Sex, and Sexuality. Each episode is hosted by an actor. Amanda Stepto hosts the Sex talk, Neil Hope discusses Alcohol, Rebecca Haines discusses Abuse, Pat Mastroianni hosts the Depression talk, Siluck Saysanasay hosts the drugs talk, and Stacie Mistysyn hosts the sexuality talk.

Stefan Brogren .... Himself
Angela Deiseach .... Herself
Maureen Deiseach .... Herself
Anais Granofsky .... Herself
Rebecca Haines .... Herself
Neil Hope .... Himself
Pat Mastroianni .... Himself
Maureen McKay .... Herself
Stacie Mistysyn .... Herself
Siluck Saysanasy .... Himself
Amanda Stepto .... Herself

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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