Degas and the Dancer (TV Movie) (1998)

Degas and the Dancer
The story finds Edgar Degas (Thomas Jay Ryan) in a time of crisis following the death of his father. Saddled with debt and struggling to survive, he derives unexpected inspiration from an aspiring young ballerina named Marie (Alison Pill).

Degas helps Marie tap into the incredible talent she doesn't believe she has, especially when compared to her beautiful and confident sister Pauline (Kathryn Long) who is also a ballerina. At the same time, Marie convinces Degas to persevere in the face of relentless criticism from the Parisian art establishment. In the hours they spend together as artist and model, they become friends and confidantes, finding in each other what they most need to move forward and follow their dreams

Thomas Jay Ryan....Edgar Degas
Alison Pill....Marie von Goetham
Kathryn Long....Pauline von Goetham
Robin Duke....Zoe
Stephen Fretwell....Ludovic Halevy
Arlene Mazerolle....Sylvie von Goetham
Allen Altman....Manet
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