Definition (Series) (1974-1989)

In Definition, two teams consisting of a guest celebrity and studio partner searched for letters while playing a unique game of familiar phrases.

The clue was a word or phrase and from then on, it was a game of give and take as teams attempted to spell out their answers. The first team gave a letter of the alphabet to their opponents, hoping it wasn't part of the solution, then took a letter. If the letter they chose was in the solution phrase, they could guess at the answer.

However, if the letter given away was in the phrase, the opposing team had a free guess.

If they defined a stingy hockey player as a cheap skate, or answered "the moaning after" for a definition of "hangover," they were on their way to winning merchandise and cash prizes.

Two out of three games constituted a winning team, which then went on to the bonus definition where each letter in the phrase meant money.

Bob McLean .... Host (1974-1975)
Jim Perry .... Host (1975-1989)/Announcer (1974-1975)
Dave Devall .... Announcer (1975-1989)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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byClick here to see the profile of this user Martin, January 17, 2009
The theme music has endured thanks to Dream Warrior and Austin Powers, but the show is best forgotten. It is 5% more interesting than watching paint dry.

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