Dead Husbands (TV Movie) (1998)

Aka: Last Man on the List

Dead Husbands
John Ritter stars as Dr. Carter Elson, who finds a list of men's names among his wife Alex's (Nicollette Sheridan) possessions. When Carter discovers his own name at the bottom of the list, and that some of the other names are those of dead men, he confides in his friend/agent Betty (Amy Yasbeck). Time is ticking as they try and figure out what the list means before his name reaches the top. Alex, a small town girl who marries the up-and-coming doctor as an entry to the social-climbing world she always coveted, is frustrated when obstacles are placed in her path. She meets two other "unhappy wives," played by Sonja Smits and Donna Pescow, and discovers a way out that may be the answer to all of her prayers. The women conspire to 'shorten the list!'

Nicollette Sheridan....Alexandra Elston
John Ritter....Dr. Carter Elston
Sonja Smits....Sheila Feinstein
Donna Pescow....Rosemary Monroe
Amy Yasbeck....Betty Lancing
Sheila McCarthy....Jane Armitage
Sherry Miller....Nicole Allison
Bill MacDonald....Detective Winitsky
Kenneth Welsh....Chase Woodward
Erin Chandler....Nancy Abbott
Eugene Clark....Sheriff Moss
David Huband....Warm-Up Guy
Corinne Conley....Mrs. Catcher
Michelle Duquet....Mrs. Phillips
Pixie Bigelow....Mrs. George Harris
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