Dead Aviators (TV Movie) (1999)

Aka: Restless Spirits (USA TV title)

Dead Aviators
A young girl (Juliana Wimbles), who struggles with her pilot father's death in a plane crash years before, visits her grandmother (Marsha Mason) in Newfoundland. While there, she encounters the ghosts of two pilots (Lothaire Bluteau, Michel Monty), who are condemned to Earth to constantly re-live their own crash that occurred in 1927. The girl decides to help the pair by helping them re-build their airplane and complete their flight so they may be released and, in turn, deal with her own emotional bondage.

Lothaire Bluteau....Charles Nungesser
Michel Monty....François Coli
Juliana Wimbles....Katie
Marsha Mason....Lydia
Leslie Hope....Charlotte
Ben Cook....Andy
Eugene Lipinski....Mr. Martin
Brooke Johnson....Mrs. Martin
Dan Lett....Mr. Frears
James Allodi....Mr. Hindle
Nickolas Swan....Simon
Brittany Allen....Stacey
Lauren Collins....Rhonda
Sheldon Turcott....TV Reporter
Lizz Alexander....Woman with red hair

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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