Episode Guide - Days Before Yesterday, The (Series) (1973)

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Nov 4, 1973 - "The Jewel in the Crown" covers the years 1897 to 1917. Sir Wilfred Laurier and Sir Robert Borden are the key figures.

Nov 11, 1973 - "Lord Byng, Canada Welcomes You." Bruce Hutchison traces developments in Canada's struggle for nationhood during the years 1917 to 1930.

Nov 18, 1973 - "The Best of Times... the Worst of Times." (1930-35) Richard Bennett's term of office.

Nov 25, 1973 - "King or Chaos." (1935-39) Host Bruce Hutchison reviews significant events in Canada's battle for nationhood from the fall election that returned Mackenzie King to power in 1935, to the eve of the Second World War.

Dec 2, 1973 - "For King and Country." (1939-45) A recap and analysis of events contributing to the maturing process of Canada as a nation under Prime Minister Mackenzie King during the Second World War.

Dec 9, 1973 - "King of Canada." (1945-48) Host Bruce Hutchison presents a review of events in Canada's battle for nationhood during the postwar years under Mackenzie King.

Dec 16, 1973 - "Chairman of the Board." (1948-57) Review of the years under Prime Minister, Louis St. Laurent, affectionately known as "Uncle Louis."

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