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David Steinberg Show, The
Sep 24, 1976 - Guest James Coco is obsessed with talking about his recent visit to a weight reduction ranch. Behind the scenes next door at the Hello Deli, David bemoans the singing impressions of his compulsory song stylist to his friend and admirer Vinnie.

Oct 1, 1976 - David's special guest on the show is Milton Berle, who coaches David on how to do physical comedy. Complications arise when David is stuck behind the counter of the Hello Deli without his pants on and a bus load of female tourists arrive.

Oct 8, 1976 - David's special guest on the show is Tommy Smothers, who tries to demonstrate his mastery of the art of intimidation so that David will let him sing a number.

Oct 15, 1976 - Guest: Adrienne Barbeau. Due to the amorous and totally unwanted advances of Johnny Del Bravo, Adrienne is forced out of her dressing room and onto the set of the Steinberg show with a trenchcoat and little else on. Adrienne is reluctantly persuaded to do a duet with Del Bravo by her old friend Vinnie, which proves disastrous.

Oct 22, 1976 - David's guest on the show is Ed McMahon. David is overcome with embarrassment when he feels he has to dress as Little Lord Fauntleroy so that Ed can do his W.C. Fields routine. The show is interrupted by a surprise visit from Vinnie's cousin Ray Jay (Bill Saluga) and Johnny Del Bravo (Martin Short) entertains(?) with "If I Ruled the World."

Oct 29, 1976 - Guest: Conrad Bain. Vinnie entices David and Conrad into helping him with his magician tricks only to find the handcuffs stuck and panic prevails.

Nov 12, 1976 - Guest Phyllis Diller tries to con David into putting her two nephews on the show after considerable pressure he yields but no one can believe how a talented lady like Phyllis can have such no-talent relations.

Nov 19, 1976 - Elliott Gould is the guest star. In a skit David is worried that Elliott can't do the show because he has to go back to Texas for filming.

Nov 26, 1976 - The guest appearance of Jon Voight turns everyone into giggling groupies who go ape over Hollywood's "sex symbol."

Dec 3, 1976 - Vinnie hatches a plan to get an aspiring car wash attendant onto the show in place of David's guest, Avery Schreiber, who refuses to play a bit part.

Dec 10, 1976 - It's David's birthday and he's a little embarrassed about his age and the possibility of a surprise birthday party. Vinnie wants to manage Mason Reese. Scatman Crothers also guest-stars.

Dec 17, 1976 - Guest is Peggy Cass.

Jan 11, 1977 - David's special guest this week is the legendary Ethel Merman.

Jan 18, 1977 - David enlists the help of guest Robert Vaughn to change the format of the show to a game show to gain an increase in ratings.

Jan 25, 1977 - Guest comedienne Ruth Buzzi joins David in a cowboy scene, with David as the mean, ornery gunslinger and Ruth, as the saloon hostess who keeps challenging David to a shoot-out.

Feb 1, 1977 - David thinks his football team has a good chance of winning the touch football championship of the network with Anthony Davis on the team - however, Anthony isn't doing anyone any favors unless David lets him make his singing debut on the show. Billy Saluga and Martin Short are also featured.

Feb 8, 1977 - David wants to take a break and go fishing for a week. Marcia Wallace is going to be guest-host but David is a little worried about her monologue.

Feb 15, 1977 - David is thrilled that Joseph Campanalla is going to be on the show but doesn't want him to think that he's working with a bunch of adolescent amateurs

Feb 22, 1977 - David's guest is Norm Crosby who likes everybody else, believes that David is married to two wives.

Mar 8, 1977 - David's guests are Bill Macy and Samantha Harper. Bill is so impressed with David's super-efficient secretary that he steals her away to Los Angeles with him.

Mar 15, 1977 - Veteran comedy writers and performers Bob and Ray are guests, and the result is mayhem breaking loose. As Jack Bijou and Darryl Louder, the hicks from Elks Horn want to buy a television station Bob and Ray take turns testing the rapier-witted Steinberg who finds himself facing the possibility that Johnny Del Bravo, his no-talent cousin, might be given a show of his own — Steinberg's. The new owners suggest Steinberg should change his name, then change the show's format, then change some of the personnel, and before they have a chance to change anything else, Steinberg changes his mind about staying in show business, only to be convinced by Vinnie it would be in Steinberg's own interest to stay around and see what happens. It's only when Johnny Del Bravo, piqued by the fact that Bijou and Louder have taken his guest spot, decides to butt in on the new station owners that things might work out the way Steinberg wants them. So with the aid, and lack of it, from Vinnie, Johnny Del Bravo, Margie the waitress, James the security guard. Spider, Kirk and even the stagehands, Steinberg keeps the show.

Mar 22, 1977 - Guest is humorist Rip Taylor. Doyle Livingston agrees to appear on The David Steinberg show only if he is given a dressing room equal to the dimensions of David's. A feud develops between David and Doyle and the fact that Doyle takes a liking to Johnny Del Bravo doesn't help. To make matters worse, David returns to the set after taking a break at the Hello Deli, and finds that Doyle has taken over his show. David is determined to settle, once and for all, whose show it is.

Apr 12, 1977 - Guest is Michele Lee.

Apr 19, 1977 - Guest is Richard Pryor.

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