David Steinberg Show, The (Series) (1976-1977)

David Steinberg Show, The
The David Steinberg Show brought the satirist back to his native land in a comedy-variety vehicle modelled on the old Jack Benny show— complete with curtain monologue. It was a show within a show, most of it taking place backstage before the "actual" program, and in the restaurant across the street, the Hello Deli.

David Steinberg .... Himself
John Candy .... Spider Reichman
Joe Flaherty .... Kirk Dirkwood
Andrea Martin .... Julie Liverfoot
Bill Saluga .... Vinnie DeMilo/Raymond J. Johnson, Jr.
Martin Short .... Johnny Del Bravo
Trudy Young .... Bambi Markowitz/Margie

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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