Episode Guide - Dateline U.N. (Series) (1958-1965)

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Jan 3, 1960 - The first in a series of new half-hour programs. This lead-off show will offer filmed interviews with leading international figures including Madame Pandit who will discuss problems arising from the recent U.N. general assembly session in New York.

Jan 10, 1960 - An interview by CBC correspondent Stanley Burke and a panel of four foreign correspondents with V.V. Kuznetsov, Russia's first deputy minister of foreign affairs and vice-chairman of the Russian delegation to the last UN session. Such subjects as disarmament, Tibet and control of outer space are expected to be discussed.

Jan 17, 1960 - The British minister of state for foreign affairs, Rt. Hon. David Ormsby-Gore, is interviewed by Thomas Hamilton of the New York Times, Richard Scott of the Manchester Guardian, Georges Wolf of Agence France-Presse and Vladimar Ozerov of Tass, the Russian news agency. Moderator is Stanley Burke of the CBC.

Jan 24, 1960 - France's outlook on the world political situation as interpreted by French foreign minister Maurice Couve de Murville. The program will also take the form of a press conference with leading correspondents asking questions on the Algerian situation, nuclear tests and other current UN topics.

Jan 31, 1960 - An interview with Francis O. Wilcox, assistant secretary of state for international organizations of the United States. He will face a panel made up of Eric Britter, of the New York Times; Joseph Lash of the New York Post; Georges Wolff of Agence France Presse and Vladimir Ozerov of the Russian news agency Tass. Moderator will be CBC correspondent Stanley Burke.

Feb 7, 1960 - Mexico: The Golden Egg, a feature showing how an impoverished, dying community in Mexico was restored to economic health through The Golden Egg, which is a symbol of new techniques in food production. The film shows how co-operation among two UN agencies, the Mexican government and the inhabitants of a village in Mexico brought prosperity to the area.

Feb 14, 1960 - The first of a two-part report on Africa will be seen. Narrated by UN reporter George Movshon, the film will show, among other things, work done by a world health organization in Tanganyika.

Feb 21, 1960 - The second half of a feature on Africa. Interviewed on the program are Emperor Haile Selassie, Chagga tribal chief Thomas Marealle and Chief Festus, federal minister of finance for Nigeria.

Feb 28, 1960 - Much More Than Bananas, a documentary illustrating. the struggle of the inhabitants of Central America, to adopt a 20th century way of life. The film shows how they are succeeding with the help of various UN agencies.

Mar 6, 1960 - Dateline UN presents Geneva 'Round The Clock, a docu mentary of behind-the-scenes events occurring during a 24-hour period in the United Nations European headquarters at the Palais Des Nations at Geneva.

Mar 13, 1960 - Dateline UN will show UN reporter and director Thorald Dickinson touring the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris. He will describe the function of this UN agency.

Mar 20, 1960 - Dateline UN will present a feature on Greece. The program will show how a small village in the mountains of northern Greece was helped by United Nations Technical Assistance organization.

Mar 27, 1960 - The Long Line - a special feature on World Refugee Year, with Irish actress Siobhan McKenna and Canadian folk-singer Ed McCurdy

Nov 10, 1962 - Host-reporter Tom Gould reviews the week's happenings at the United Nations in New York by means of film clips of proceedings and interviews with delegates.

Sep 21, 1963 - Season Debut.

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