Dateline U.N. (Series) (1958-1965)

Aka: Report From The U.N.; U.N. Review; UN Review

The CBC provided Canadian viewers with regular coverage of the United Nations, direct from New York, and telecast on both English and French services, starting with the Ninth General Assembly. At the time, of course, the Korean War and the division of the country and the cold war were hot issues, as were the questions of French colonialism in Tunisia and Morocco, the friction between the U.K. and Greece over Cyprus, Indonesia's and the Netherlands' conflict over Western New Guinea, and apartheid in South Africa. Coverage during the first year included daily reports, titled At The U.N. or U.N. General Assembly, with the CBC's correspondent at the U.N., Peter Stursberg, and a filmed weekly summary of the proceedings, titled U.N. In Review.

The CBC continued to cover the U.N. proceedings on a regular basis until 1965, usually in a fifteen minute or half-hour summary on Sunday afternoons or early Saturday evenings, under such titles as Dateline U.N., Report From The U.N., or U.N. Review.

Sonny Fox....Host
Stanley Burke....Host
Tom Gould .... Host/Reporter

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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