Danger Tree, The (Documentary) (1997)

Danger Tree, The
Memory and history mingle in this moving account of one family's journey through World War I and the events leading up to Newfoundland's confederation with Canada. David Macfarlane narrates this story of his great grandparents, Josiah and Louisa Goodyear, and their seven children, who, at the turn of the century, left behind the hardships of the cod fisheries along the northeast coast of Newfoundland and moved to Grand Falls, a boom town founded around a brand new paper mill. When Newfoundland decided to contribute an entire regiment to the war effort, five Goodyear sons went off to fight in Europe. Their story is paralleled with that of the country of Newfoundland; which also risked and lost more than it could afford in contributing to the war effort. Imaginative narration, still photographs, and archival and recent footage interweave to form a moving portrait of an almost forgotten period.

Barry Newhook....Hedley Goodyear
Jon Whelan....Stan Goodyear (voice)
Rick Boland....(voice)
John Holmes....(voice)
Kathryn Mason....(voice)
Sara Sexton....(voice)
Geoff Seymour....(voice)
Michael Wade....(voice)
Dana Curtis....(voice)
Joe LeClair....Researcher in archives
Sheilagh O'Leary....(voice)
Edward Sexton....(voice)
Jeanette Summers....(voice)
Mark Critch....Ray Goodyear
John Moyes....(voice)
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