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Danger Bay
Season 1 (13 Episodes)

Oct 15, 1984 - The Wharf Rat - When Nicole is bitten by a rabid dog. Grant, Jonah and Joyce race to find the dog's owner, an old sailor who has just left port.

Oct 22, 1984 - Mad Hatter Bears - When Grant "Doc" Roberts sets out to discover what is making a large, normally-friendly bear act 'mad as a hatter,' he gets himself in trouble with more than the bear.

Oct 29, 1984 - Hot Cargo - When a leaky barrel of waste blinds Jonah while he's snorkeling, it's up to Doc and Joyce to find the illegal dumpers and restore the boy's sight.

Nov 5, 1984 - Nature of the Beast - With the help of Nicole, Jonah and Joyce, Doc discovers the nature of the beast when a sea monster is sighted near Danger Bay.

Nov 12, 1984 - Run Salmon Run - The Beck brothers, close friends of the Roberts, are accused of salmon poaching; and during the search for the real culprits, Jonah is swept away by river rapids and kidnapped by the poachers.

Nov 19, 1984 - Running Free - While Doc and Nicole camp out to investigate a trout kill, they stumble upon rustlers who steal wild horses from government land.

Nov 26, 1984 - The Only One - Grant and the kids await the arrival of the stork at the aquarium when Kavna, a beluga whale, is discovered to be pregnant. Barbara Russell as Marta Larsen.

Dec 3, 1984 - Flight of the Falcon - Grant seeks the help of an old friend when he discovers that falcons, an endangered species, are being illegally exported.

Dec 10, 1984 - The Mask - Jonah helps his friend Dennis (Kyle Skinner) retrieve his grandfather's ceremonial Indian mask from a museum. George Clutesi as Chief David; Roy Vickers as Uncle Charlie.

Dec 24, 1984 - Katie and the Whale - Nicole and Bjossa, the killer whale at the aquarium, befriend a 10-year-old girl who is suffering from elective mutism.

Jan 7, 1985 - The Sea Pup - When the Roberts rescue a river otter shot by poachers the family and Joyce become involved in an adventure that results in the capture of the poachers and a new family pet for the Roberts.

Jan 21, 1985 - Sunken Treasure - The discovery of a 16th-century treasure chest by Grant and a local entrepreneur raises questions about what will be done with the contents. Ross Hagen as Caldwell; Deanne Henry as Lena; Don Mackay as . Chief; Faye Cohen as Reporter.

Jan 28, 1985 - Grace Under Pressure - Grant's older sister Grace Roberts Keating (Sheila Moore) arrives to visit the Roberts. In the course of a crisis at the aquarium, an old romance between Grace and Dr. Dunbar is rekindled. Guy Bannerman as Wally.

Season 2 (22 Episodes)

Sep 30, 1985 - A New Beginning (1) - Donna Chen, Joyce Carter and the Roberts family head out on the North Star only to encounter three armed smugglers. Part 1 of 2. Introducing Susan Walden as J.L. Duvall. Guest cast: Andrew Prine as Perkins; John Curtis as Zivic; Alex Diakin as Streep.

Oct 7, 1985 - A New Beginning (2) - In the conclusion of two parts, the North Star passengers being held hostage escape with the aid of Ron Vitale (Dana Still) and J.L. Duvall.

Oct 21, 1985 - The Contender - Jonah loses sight of his commitments at the Aquarium when his head swells after winning a tennis match.

Oct 28, 1985 - Fish 'n' Chips - Grant and the police lay a trap for some smugglers when they discover a moray eel from Japan contains contraband—a stash of microchips.

Nov 11, 1985 - The Leopard's Spots - J. L Duval is arrested when a cache of illegal furs is found in her helicopter. The arrival of a former acquaintance of Grant Roberts from Africa only adds to the mystery as Grant and his friends work to identify the smugglers.

Nov 18, 1985 - Timber - An illegal logging operation causes a sudden decrease in the area's salmon spawning. Bruce Greenwood as Dan Mayes.

Nov 25, 1985 - Vet's Holiday - After debating for years whose job is tougher, Grant and country vet Bill (Tom Heaton) decide to trade places for a week.

Dec 16, 1985 - The Best of Intentions - A young seal pup is kidnapped from the aquarium by an animal rights protester. The animal has a contagious viral disease, so the Roberts family and the aquarium staff enter a race against time to find thief and save his life.

Dec 30, 1985 - Fish Forgery - A fish collector finds his life threatened after buying specimens of a rare and costly species that turn out to be fake,

Jan 6, 1986 - Mayday! Mayday! - Grant, Dunbar and J.L. crash-land in the mountains. Graeme Campbell as Kerr.

Jan 13, 1986 - Venom - While working to produce an anti-venom for a sea snake accidentally let loose in the Burrard Inlet, Donna is bitten by the highly-poisonous serpent. Donna's life hangs in the balance during the frantic search for an antidote.

Jan 27, 1986 - White Water - Wheelchair-bound environmentalist Doug Field asks Grant for help in examining a possible acid rain problem at a remote mountain lake.

Feb 3, 1986 - Bathtub Race - Grant, J.L. and Jonah enter a fundraising Bathtub Race to benefit the Aquarium.

Feb 10, 1986 - Poison Bay - After the family pet becomes ill from swimming in Burrard Inlet, Grant and Donna discover that the local pulp and paper mill has been dumping waste at low tide.

Feb 17, 1986 - Trouble on the Range - When Grant discovers a friend's cattle are dying due to PCB contamination, there is widepread concern— some of the afflicted cattle have been rustled and are headed for meat plants in the city. Bob McCray as J.C. Robert; R.G. Miller as Grady.

Feb 24, 1986 - A Place for Ponga - After destroying her cage at the Aquarium Zoo, an unhappy orangutan escapes from her temporary home.

Mar 3, 1986 - Deep Peril - Grant's involvement in a top-secret government mission to help in the underwater recovery of a stolen shipment of dangerous nuclear reactor fuel has J.L. thinking he's having a romantic fling.

Mar 10, 1986 - Bengal Tiger - Doc quarantines a freighter ship when he learns that the Bengal tiger on board is carrying a plague.

Mar 17, 1986 - King of Stanley Park - An eccentric biologist (Al Waxman) who lives in a hollow tree in Stanley Park becomes a hero when he finds a lost boy afflicted with epilepsy.

Mar 31, 1986 - Survival - Nicole and her friend Katie contract botulism while on a wilderness survival trip. Dara Whitelaw as Katie.

Apr 7, 1986 - Aquarius - Chronic equipment failures slow the Aquarium's preparations for a special visitor—the president of China.

Apr 14, 1986 - Grand Theft Whale - A gold sculpture disappears during a fund-raiser.

Season 3 (22 Episodes)

Oct 8, 1986 - Solo Flight - Nicole and Jonah must land an airplane after the pilot becomes seriously ill. Graham Jarvis as Keith Johnson.

Oct 15, 1986 - Pressure Point - Grant and Jonah participate in the testing of a colleague's new mini-submarine not knowing that a rival company is attempting to sabotage the project.

Oct 22, 1986 - The Turning Tide - A young girl develops a crush on Grant, while Nicole agrees to help a boy with his science project. Margaret Langrick as Ginny. Yannick Bisson as Todd.

Oct 29, 1986 - The Otters Return - Grant, Jonah and Doug head out on an expedition to check on an otter colony up the coast. After a disagreement on the whereabouts of the colony, Jonah takes off on his own.

Nov 5, 1986 - Thursday's Child - J.L's heart is captured by a orphaned young girl who is found hiding in the Aquarium. Michelle Rose as Rosalinda.

Nov 12, 1986 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Nicole and Jonah try to lure a cougar out of town after it wanders into Danger Bay in search of food. Blu Mankuma as Saunders.

Nov 19, 1986 - The Vigilantes - Grant and Jonah have opposing views on how to preserve the valley when an unspoiled watershed is designated for logging.

Nov 26, 1986 - Lady Raven - When a deadly virus that could wipe out the bird population is discovered on a remote island, Grant is called in to help with the quarantine. A reclusive artist hinders Grant's attempts.

Dec 3, 1986 - The Fish Who Walks - The discovery of a ancient fossil puts pressure on an already fragile relationship between Marty (a friend of Jonah's) and his father. Both father and son realize their need for each other when Marty carrying the fossil, falls dangerously close to his death. Charley Higgins as Marty; Tom Skerritt as Barrett.

Dec 10, 1986 - A Man of Few Words - Grant discovers that the near-fatality of an animal was due to an error by an illiterate aquarium employee. Lee Curreri as Paul.

Dec 17, 1986 - Million Dollar Whale Song - An old college buddy of Grant's takes advantage of their previous relationship to steal some classified information from the Aquarium. Donald Pilon as Jean Paul.

Dec 24, 1986 - Old Friends - Nicole tries to help an old man (Burl Ives), who wants to trade his old performing seal for one of the Aquarium's.

Dec 31, 1986 - Time Out - Grant has a bout of depression and self-doubt after his mentor dies in Africa, during which he abruptly quits the Aquarium.

Jan 7, 1987 - Aquarium Rock - George allows a rock star (Zappacosta) to film a video at the Aquarium. Gary Jones as Quint.

Jan 14, 1987 - Superfish - Grant's interest and suspicion are aroused when a new breed of giant fish is caught. Deanne Henry as Dianne Deacham.

Jan 21, 1987 - Eye of the Storm - Nicole befriends a young runaway during a fierce storm. Justin Henry as Curtis.

Jan 28, 1987 - Sylvan Shores - It ends up being more work than play when George takes Grant, J.L., Jonah and Nicole to a country resort for the weekend.

Feb 4, 1987 - All the King's Horses - When Nicole is invited to a girlfriend's horse ranch, J.L. also receives an invitation - from the girl's father, an old flame.

Feb 18, 1987 - Friend Ship - Nicole's life is in danger when she befriends a young girl who's run away from her group home. Margaret Langrick as Poppy.

Feb 25, 1987 - Big Horns - Grant takes an interest in the ill Bighorn sheep Jonah found while working as a tree-planter. Stephen E. Miller as Peterson.

Mar 2, 1987 - Signs of Growth - Grant uses a chimpanzee to help a young boy (Jason Michas) gain some much-needed confidence. Belinda Montgomery as Dr. Pam Summers.

Mar 11, 1987 - The Ultimate Gift - Grant puts his job on the line while trying to save a sick sea otter.

Season 4 (22 Episodes)

Sep 28, 1987 - Roots and Wings - Jonah ends up in jail after a night of partying.

Oct 5, 1987 - A Tangled Web - Jonah attempts to rescue a trapped seal.

Oct 12, 1987 - Protege - Grant is impressed with the work of his new assistant, Mark (Robert Wisden)—until Mark's ambition overrides whatever scruples he may have.

Oct 19, 1987 - Melissa's Gift - Dunbar's niece, a lonely and troubled little girl, is left at the Roberts' house for the weekend where she nurses an injured coyote back to health.

Oct 26, 1987 - Pilot Error - A routine helicopter flight ends in a crash, leaving J.L.injured and facing a lawsuit over unique marine specimens that were lost in the accident. Michael Ironside as Charles.

Nov 9, 1987 - Pets and Peeves - Dr. Dunbar's new fund-raising scheme involves an adopt-a-pet program that Grant vigorously opposes.

Nov 16, 1987 - The Dying Swan - Nicole befriends a girl on her gymnastics team and discovers the secret behind the accident that put her mother—once a famous ballerina—in a wheelchair. Andrea Burchill as Jenny; Mimi Kuzyk as Mother.

Nov 23, 1987 - It's a Jungle in There - Jonah will be doing the two-step at the school dance if he doesn't solve his dilemma—he already has a date, but finds himself attracted to a beautiful French exchange student. Isabelle Mejias as Suzette.

Nov 30, 1987 - Castaways - While on their way to return a friend's boat, Grant and Nicole are hit by a violent storm that sinks the craft and leaves them with only a small raft to cling to.

Dec 14, 1987 - The Smiling Dolphin - When Grant and Nicole's friend Quinn (Ron James) returns from a round-the-world sailing trip, he gives Nicole a dolphin statuette—and shortly afterwards, strange things begin to happen.

Dec 29, 1987 - Love Game - Jonah mistakenly believes that an attractive young tennis coach is interested in more than his game; and Nicole suspects a friend is dipping into the cash register of the Aquarium gift shop. With Caroline Barclay; Sara Walker as Sarah.

Jan 4, 1988 - The Only Way Down Is Up - Nicole scales new heights with her new hobby—rock climbing—until a fall leaves her looking for a new pastime.

Jan 11, 1988 - Hand to Hand - Jonah decides to fight back against a group of survivalists who are damaging a bird-nesting area with their war games. Graeme Campbell as Mack; Christianne Hirt as Lorna.

Jan 18, 1988 - Jan - The Roberts family takes in a visiting Czech student (Charley Higgins) who has been separated from his group, but his stay seems bound to turn into an international incident when he decides to defect.

Jan 25, 1988 - Deep Trouble - Jonah takes the blame when a friend goes diving without his father's knowledge and accidentally wounds an eel. Jason Priestly as Derek; Jim Brynes as Tony.

Feb 1, 1988 - To Glimpse a Unicorn - An arctic narwhal is stranded on the coast, but Grant's efforts to save it are stymied by his lack of funds—until a mysterious benefactor (Lawrence Dane) steps in with a cheque and some hidden motives.

Feb 8, 1988 - Second Best - Nicole faces stiff competition when she applies for a spot on a government-sponsored archaeological dig—and struggles to maintain her principles despite her desire to succeed.

Feb 15, 1988 - A Man's Sport - While hiking in the woods, Nicole runs into poachers who are shooting deer illegally and tries to talk them out of killing any more.

Feb 29, 1988 - Eagles Fly Alone - Two wounded eagles are brought in for treatment, prompting Grant to seek out the culprit who shot the birds. Richard Donat as Carver.

Mar 7, 1988 - High Flyer - Nicole's interest in flying—and in a new pilot—could prove more dangerous than she thinks.

Mar 14, 1988 - Covert Operation - When Grant and Jonah X-ray an injured seal found on the beach, they discover it has a brain implant—put there by an undercover research team. Richard Anderson as Taggart.

Mar 21, 1988 - Put a Little Back - Grant is torn by personal and professional complications in his life when he is awarded a cash prize from a questionable source. Meanwhile, Jonah and Nicole are becoming more independent of their dad, and J.L. is considering a job elsewhere.

Season 5 (22 Episodes)

Oct 3, 1988 - Fire Jumper - Jonah faces his life-long fear of fire when he must save himself and a child from a raging forest fire.

Oct 17, 1988 - Harry's Ark - After a pet monkey is turned over to Nicole, the Robertses meet up with a man who is devoted to helping abandoned animals. Stephen E. Miller as Harry.

Oct 24, 1988 - Blues for Adam - Ten-year old Danger Bay newcomer Adam Berman comes across two men searching for an exotic fish collection bequeathed to the aquarium.

Oct 31, 1988 - The Rally - Jonah worries about the future of his relationship with Emma (Deanna Milligan) when he begins to suspect that she is attracted to one of his friends. Yannick Bisson as Larry; Mario Carotenuto as Rocky; Bocci James as Annette.

Nov 7, 1988 - Stormy Weather - In Part 1 of a two-part episode, Grant, J.L. and Nicole find themselves in a predicament when their helicopter is forced down during a bad storm, but while they are stranded in the wilderness, Grant learns just how much J.L. means to him.

Nov 14, 1988 - Something New - In Part 2 of a two-part episode, J. L. decides to marry Grant, but comes close to changing her mind when he keeps her waiting at the altar.

Nov 21, 1988 - The Birdman - When Nicole tells Grant about the return of a peregrine falcon to a high-rise nesting site, he comes up with a solution to the bird control problem at J.L.'s landing strip.

Nov 28, 1988 - Skywatch - When Grant and Nicole stumble upon an abandoned truck filled with toxic waste, they contact an environmental investigator (Dale Wilson) who tells them that it's not an isolated incident. Michele Goodeve as Eleanor; William Smith as Harlen.

Dec 5, 1988 - Second Honeymoon - When Grant comes down with chicken pox and is quarantined, J.L. looks forward to staying home and taking care of him—until the two start to drive each other crazy.

Dec 12, 1988 - Where the Buck Stops - Grant investigates the grandfather of Nicole's classmate.

Jan 2, 1989 - Catch a Falling Star - After Jonah videotapes a falling meteor while he and Nicole are mountain climbing, he shows the tape to an astronomer (Marushka Stankova) and agrees to help her find the meteor before a profiteer does. Anthony Sherwood as Richard.

Jan 9, 1989 - Open Book - Jonah tries to make friends with a Vietnamese refugee (Dustin Nguyen) whose past experiences have left him unwilling to trust anyone. Scott Anderson as Garth; Eric Crabb as Rod; Mark High as Rafferty.

Jan 16, 1989 - One Black Dog - After Grant visits a psychic and is told that a "dark stranger" is going to enter his life, a black dog jumps into his jeep and saves him from an accident. Nicole and Jonah become convinced that the dog has psychic abilities, but Grant scoffs at the notion—until a trip to the Aquarium changes his mind. Michael Famini as Adam; Tim Battle as Bill.

Jan 23, 1989 - Racing Against Time - The racing career of Nicole's friend Jodi (Cara Tekatch) is put out to pasture when it's discovered on the eve of a big race that her horse has been drugged. Ken Camroux as Bob; William B. Davis as Jack.

Jan 30, 1989 - Shaughnessy Island - Grant finally convinces an eccentric to let her island be used as a sea lion observatory--until Nicole's new boyfriend Corey (Jeff Schultz) messes things up by unintentionally angering the woman. Lillian Carlson as Mildred MacDougall; Saffron Henderson as Leslie; Laara Sadiq as Sarah.

Feb 6, 1989 - Before the Mast - After almost ramming an antique schooner, Jonah and his friend Pete (Todd Shaffer) decide to join the vessel's training crew for a 10-day excursion to the Queen Charlotte Islands. Duncan Fraser as Captain Burke; Gerry Bean as Nick; Cory Woron as Sean; Peter Gaitens as Albert.

Feb 13, 1989 - The Return of Sugar Ray - Jonah, J.L. and Grant attempt to stop poachers from threatening the bears in a study area.

Feb 20, 1989 - Chanda - Jonah and Nicole run away to the circus—for an afternoon—and turn to Grant for help when an elephant escapes. Garwin Sanford as Revel; Brenda Crichlow as Zelda; Graydon Gould as Dave Hughes.

Feb 27, 1989 - Murder at the Aquarium - To raise funds for the aquarium, Dr. Dunbar organizes an evening of entertainment consisting of a murder mystery performed by Christine (Dinah Gaston), the Roberts family and professional actors—but an interloper gives the plotline a realistic twist. Andrew Kavadas as Convict; Karen Zebroff as Jane; Rosanne Hopkins as Miriam; James Crescenzo as Officer Pete.

Mar 6, 1989 - Up the Coast - Adam (Michael Fantini) decides to join Jonah on a camping trip, but soon learns that life in the great outdoors isn't so great after all. Allan Lyseil as Barry Darcus; Emily Perkins as Shannon.

Original Canadian Airdates Unknown:

Expert Witness - Another scientist challenges Grant's credibility.

After Dark - A young boy meets two men searching for an exotic fish collection bequeathed to the aquarium.

Season 6 (22 Episodes)

Sep 25, 1989 - A Question of Attitude - Jonah encourages a friend who's been paralysed to join a handicapped basketball team. Guest star: Rick Hansen.

Oct 2, 1989 - Ancient Spirits - Jonah and Nicole discover a native whaling shrine.

Oct 9, 1989 - Voices From the Deep - Grant tries to prevent more grey whales from following suit when members of their migrating herd beach themselves; Jonah tries to land a job on the school paper. Dinah Gaston as Christine. Katey Wright as Laura; French Tickner as Frank.

Oct 16, 1989 - Legacy - When J.L is overcome by a mysterious gas, Jonah and Nicole must track it down on their own.

Oct 23, 1989 - Trouble is My Middle Name - Trouble brews when Grant's niece, Jess, comes for a visit.

Oct 30, 1989 - The Emperor's New Clothes - Jess befriends a world-famous researcher (Cec Linder) and tries to find out why he's so secretive about his latest project.

Nov 13, 1989 - Value Judgement - Grant must find the source of the mercury which has contaminated a fish plant.

Nov 20, 1989 - Flying Blind - J.L.'s pilot father tells her he is going blind.

Nov 27, 1989 - Lost Causes - Grant is taken in by an old friend (Paul Maxwell) who hides some aspects of his conservation proposal.

Dec 4, 1989 - Getting to Know You - Grant and J.L.'s plans for a romantic getaway go awry.

Dec 11, 1989 - Lifeline - A surprise party for Jess turns into tragedy when she suffers from hypothermia after a fall into the ocean.

Jan 8, 1990 - Live Wires - Grant and Jess join forces with newcomers to Danger Bay, successful television journalist Allison Walker and her three children to preserve a nesting area from use as a highway. (note: Allison Walker and her three children, were planned to be the focus of a new series being considered when this episode was shot).

Jan 22, 1990 - Wolf on Trial - Grant defends the wolves believed to be killing deer and elk by people in a resort town.

Original Airdates Unknown:

*Note that four episodes of the final season were pulled from CBC's regular schedule due to budget cuts.

Talk Show - Jonah's new job arouses Emma's jealousy. Deanna Milligan as Emma.

High Ice - Grant and George encounter bad weather during an expedition to a glacier.

Small Fry - Maggie Ferguson sells her farm to the power company.

This Little Piggy - Grant arrives at Jonah's dinner party with a pig.

Hijacked - An escaped convict hijacks J.L.'s plane.

Listening In - Jess hears a young mother's call for help over a shortwave radio.

Kelsey's Eyes - Nicole discovers that her friend's seeing-eye dog has vision problems.

Three's a Crowd - An ailing monkey is discovered in the Amazon gallery.

Looking Back - Dr. Dunbar and the Roberts family celebrate their sixth anniversary in Danger Bay.

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