Danger Bay (Series) (1984-1990)

Aka: Cap Danger (French title)

Danger Bay
Animal rescue missions along British Columbia's rugged northwest coast provided much of the adventure for Danger Bay, a CBC family drama series. Veteran actor Donnelly Rhodes starred as 40-year-old Grant "Doc" Roberts, a veterinarian and the crusading Curator of Marine Mammals at the Vancouver Aquarium. A passionate and intelligent man, with an unconventional approach, Roberts was deeply involved with his work while, at the same time, struggling to build a strong, nurturing family life for his children — 14-year-old Jonah and 12-year-old Nicole. Deborah Wakeham played Joyce Carter, an independently-minded seaplane pilot who flew Grant on hair-raising rescue missions along the rugged coast and throughout the wild interiors of the Pacific Northwest. The character was replaced by another pilot, J. L. Duval, in the second season. Other Danger Bay regulars included Hagen Beggs who played George Dunbar, the head of administration at the Vancouver Aquarium; Michele Chan as Donna Chen, a marine biologist and Grant's lab assistant in the first 2 seasons; and Grant's niece, Jess, who came to stay with the family in the final season.

Donnelly Rhodes .... Dr. Grant 'Doc' Roberts
Christopher Crabb .... Jonah Roberts
Ocean Hellman .... Nicole Roberts
Hagan Beggs .... Dr. George Dunbar
Michele B. Chan .... Dr. Donna Chen (Seasons 1-2)
Deborah Wakeham .... Joyce Carter (Seasons 1-2)
Susan Walden .... J. L. Duval (Seasons 2-6)
Sarah Sawatsky .... Jess (Season 6)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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The woman who looks eactly like the woman working at the Corner Gas Station of the Series "Corner Gas" was in Danger Bay and, maybe, not Beachcombers. I never forget a face....
byClick here to see the profile of this user ash8409, November 18, 2008
this show was great! it taught you soo much about the environment and different problems that wildlife face! i wish it was still on!

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