Custard Pie (Series) (1977)

Aka: The Rimshots (pilot)

Custard Pie
Take four talented but struggling young performers hoping to make it; put them together in a boarding house; film their struggles— and you have Custard Pie. It featured Peter Kastner as manager-performer of the group. With him was Kate Lynch as an actress aspiring to be great, Nancy Dolman as a future great singer and Derek McGrath who danced but— more important— owned a van. Vivian Reis was the stage-struck landlady who ran a dance studio, and Les Carlson owned the neighborhood restaurant.

Based on a superior pilot, The Rimshots, starring Andrea Martin, Catherine O'Hara, Dave Thomas, and Saul Rubinek.

Leslie Carlson .... Aldo Ludwit
Nancy Dolman .... Maggie Tucker
Peter Kastner .... Leo Strauss
Kate Lynch .... Sheila Ann Murphy
Derek McGrath .... Harvey Douglas
Vivian Reis .... Vicki DeMarco
Andrea Martin (Pilot)
Catherine O'Hara (Pilot)
Dave Thomas (Pilot)
Saul Rubinek (Pilot)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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