Cucumber (Series) (1973-1974)

This series follows the adventures of the charter leaders of Children's Underground Club of United Mouse and Beaver for Enthusiastic Reporters, Moose and Beaver. Through these two animals' misadventures with strange visitors to their home and the various places they themselves visit, they help kids learn about science and other subjects.

Alex Laurier .... Moose
Nikki Tilroe .... Beaver
John Candy .... Weatherman
Martin Short .... Smokey the Hare

Original Broadcaster(s): TVO

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Just some small corrections to Dustin's review:

Alex Laurier was NOT the first male host of Polka Dot Door, Gordon Thompson was opposite Nina Keogh in 1971. He retired from children's entertainment following legal charges in the 1990's.

1983 was NOT the last time TVO aired "Cucumber". It was on their schedule in re-runs right into the 1990's in the early morning hours. I have the intro and will get around to posting it shortly at

Hope this helps clarify things.

I completely forgot all about this show!! I used to watch it after school. Moose and Beaver would open letters at the end of the show. The letters were sent to them by the kids who watched the show.
What appears to be the only episode outside the TVO archives (and maybe the only one, period) is now on YouTube. It's the one with Martin Short as Smokey the Hare. (Contrary to what IMDB says, Martin Short NEVER played a Beaver on the show.)

The episode is complete, except for the opening titles and Moose's nightmare (about 5 minutes long) of waking up 20 years in the future (which would be 1995) to a news broadcast announcing that all of the world's trees and animals have gone extinct.

I had to split the episode into 2 parts, since it ran longer than 10 minutes. I found it on one of my old VHS tapes that I'm transferring to DVD. I taped it in about 1983, which would have been the last time TVO aired the series.

BTW, Alex Laurier (Moose) was also the first male host of "Polka Dot Door" and a frequent performer on "The Uncle Bobby Show". He later retired from children's performing and went back to his real name. (Laurier was his stage name.)

Nikki Tilroe (Beaver) was also the Mime Lady on "Today's Special", and a very accomplished puppeteer. Sadly, she died of kidney & liver failure, in 2005.

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