CTV National News (Series) (1962-)

Aka: CTV News with Lloyd Robertson; CTV News with Sandie Rinaldo

CTV National News
CTV National News is a newscast on CTV, which airs at 11pm local time on the main network across Canada. The current anchors are Lloyd Robertson on weekdays, and Sandie Rinaldo on weekends. The title CTV National News has been rarely used since the 1990s; weeknights, the program is now called CTV News with Lloyd Robertson and on the weekends, CTV News with Sandie Rinaldo. Rinaldo is also the program's main weekday substitute anchor; other substitute anchors include Tom Clark, Lisa LaFlamme, Dan Matheson and Scott Laurie.

CTV National News also broadcasts on CTV Newsnet, a 24 cable news station.

Originally running only 20 minutes, the newscast was expanded to a full half-hour in the 1980s.

Lloyd Robertson .... Anchor (1976- )
Sandie Rinaldo .... Anchor (1985-1989;1991- )(weekends)
Tom Clark (substitute anchor)
Lisa LaFlamme (substitute anchor)
Scott Laurie (substitute anchor)
Vic Phillips....Anchor
Charles Lynch .... Anchor (1962)
Peter Stursberg .... Anchor (1962)
Peter Jennings .... Anchor (1963-1964)
Baden Langton .... Anchor (1963-1964)
Ab Douglas .... Anchor (1963-?)
Larry Henderson .... Anchor (1962-63)
Harvey Kirck .... Anchor (1963-1987)
Keith Morrison (substitute anchor)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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byWayne Dayton, March 17, 2007
Your review forgets to mention the tenure of Vic Phillips as Anchor during the mid-60s. Mr. Phillips went on to an illustrious career at Global, as the author of several best-selling novels, and as a correspondent on a nationally-syndicated travel radio show.

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