Cross-Canada Hit Parade (Series) (1955-1959)

Aka: Music '60

Cross-Canada Hit Parade
The CBC adapted the formula of the U.S. musical variety series, Your Hit Parade, to produce its own weekly half-hour countdown of popular music. Each week, the regulars, the vocal group the MCs (or the Emcees), and an orchestra led by clarinetist Bert Niosi would perform a selection of the top musical hits in the country, determined in cooperation with radio and television stations across the country. The show also featured a guest star each week, and the producers also brought in a guest disk jockey to talk about the top ten and predict the coming hits. Although the program's run was well within the era of rock and roll, Cross Canada Hit Parade consisted mostly of production numbers of show tunes and light popular music. For the 1959-1960 season, The Hit Parade and the Jack Kane Hour (formerly known as Music Makers) were seen on alternate weeks with the general title of Music '60.

Wally Koster .... Host
Bill Walker .... Host
Austin Willis .... Host
Bert Niosi .... Orchestra leader
Robert Goulet .... Regular
Joyce Hahn .... Regular
Phyllis Marshall .... Regular
Adam Timoon .... Regular
Harry Harding .... Regular (the Emcees)
Iver McIver .... Regular (the Emcees)
Ken McRae .... Regular (the Emcees)
Ken Reaney .... Regular (the Emcees)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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