Cross Canada Curling (Series) (1961-1965)

Aka: Cross-Canada Curling

CBC's World of Sport presented this annual series featuring Canada's top curlers. Cross-Canada Curling was video-taped in three Canadian cities and appeared on Saturday afternoons on the entire CBC-TV network. Competitors represented the same eleven categories (one rink from each of Canada's provinces plus one from Northern Ontario), which made up the Canadian curling championship finals each year. The 1961 provincial Brier winners seen in the first season included Canadian champions the Hec Gervais rink from Alberta. The television series, however, did not follow the Brier system of best "won-lost" record to decide an eventual champion. The four western rinks played off individually and the seven eastern entries did likewise. Then the eastern and western winners met in the final program of the series. Hosting cities for the matches were Halifax, Toronto and Winnipeg.

Producers: George Kent (Winnipeg), Bob McLaughlin

Don Wittman .... Commentator (Winnipeg Matches)
Keith Barry .... Commentator (Halifax Matches)
Doug Maxwell .... Commentator (Toronto Matches)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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