Cover Me (Miniseries) (1999)

Cover Me
The plot revolves around a surveillance operation gone wrong. When several Canadian agents are killed in a joint Canada-U.S. operation, the FBI suspects a mole in Canadian operations. In order to preserve domestic control over national security, the heads of CSIS and the RCMP (Jackie Burrows and Philip Craig, respectively) recruit their best agents, neither of who initially want to participate, let alone be based in Toronto. Andrew Chase (Colin Ferguson) is a straight-arrow Mountie from Calgary who has unknowingly been working on the case for some time through his investigation of Gregory Pechorin (Gregory Hlady), while Caroline Neron is a reluctant but flamboyant CSIS agent who would prefer to remain on her home turf, away from old demons and well distanced from Anglophone Canada. Meanwhile, Malloy (Neville Edwards) portrays the ambitious FBI agent assigned to oversee American involvement and, potentially, its dominance over Canadian security.

Colin Ferguson .... Andrew Chase
Jackie Burroughs .... Caitlin Crawford
Philip Craig .... Gareth Endicott
Andrew Jackson
Caroline Néron .... Lead
Raymond Accolas .... Paul Pichaud
Doru Bandol .... Alexis
Raoul Bhaneja .... Roshan Javad
John Henry Canavan .... Tow Truck Driver
Neville Edwards .... Malloy
Jenna Leigh Green .... Tara Mathers
Gregory Hlady .... Gregory Pechorin
Diego Matamoros .... Peter Primikov
Alan C. Peterson .... Ziggy Barkowitz
Moshin Sherazee .... Ravinder Biswas (Episode 2)
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