Country Roads (Series) (1973)

Country Roads was a six-week CBC summer series which replaced the Tommy Hunter Show. It was an hour of country music with host and singer Ronnie Prophet and his regulars The Peaches, Joe Tardiff, The O.K. Chorale, Granny Gwen Nabors, Lynn Jones, Mike Graham, Cal Dodd and the Vandergun Puppets. Also performing was Dave Woods & The Country Roads Brass.

The show also included comedy sketches and characters and regular musical slots, such as "It's Cryin' Time Again," "The Grease Spot," and the "New Song Spot."

Ronnie Prophet .... Host/Harold the Frog/Yackie Duck
Gwen Neighbours .... Regular/Granny Slanders
Joey Tardiff .... Regular
Billy Van .... Regular
Dave Woods .... Regular
Lynn Jones .... Regular
Mike Graham .... Regular
Cal Dodd .... Regular

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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