Country Hoedown (Series) (1956-1965)

Country Hoedown
Country Hoedown made its premiere on Saturday evenings as a summer replacement for On Camera. It moved to Friday for a regular slot in the autumn broadcast schedule, and there it stayed for nine years. It followed the lead of Holiday Ranch, and was one of the most popular musical variety shows the CBC ever produced.

This showcase for Canada's country music talent originally starred popular fiddler King Ganam and his Sons of the West, along with several of the most popular winners in the CBC's Pick the Stars competition: the Hames Sisters (Norma, Jean, and Marjorie), Lorraine Foreman, and Tommy Hunter (who was also a member of Ganam's band). From the start, Gordie Tapp was the show's host, and also appeared as the debonair character, Gaylord, or, more often, with blacked-out teeth and dressed in bib overalls, plaid shirt, and straw hat, as hayseed Cousin Clem.

Gordie Tapp .... Host, Gaylord/Cousin Clem
Al Cherny (Fiddler)
Tommy Common
Lloyd Cooper (Bandleader)
Johnny Davidson
Lorraine Foreman
Mary Frances (1960)
King Ganam (Fiddler, '~ & Sons of the West')
Jean Hames (The Hames Sisters)
Marjorie Hames (The Hames Sisters)
Norma Hames (The Hames Sisters)
Pat Hervey (1962-1963)
Tommy Hunter
Gordon Lightfoot (Chorus line member (1960))
Wally Traugot
Billy Van (1960-1961)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byBluenoser, December 28, 2007
Don't recall him on Hoedown, but I remember him on Nightcap!
Visit here to see more!
byThe Count, April 20, 2007
Hi..wasnt Billy Van on this show as a regular performer as well?

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