Counterstrike (Series) (1991-1994)

From his Paris headquarters, Canadian billionaire Addington finances a private force to free his kidnapped wife, then turns his attention to combating world terrorism. Sinclair was a Scotland Yard inspector / freelance cop, Beaumont was a con artist, and Brenner was a mercenary. When Beaumont married and Brenner was killed in the line of duty, second-season replacement team members were ex-CIA agent Stone and exjournalist Germont. Suzanne was Addington's computer-savvy daughter; Helene, his secretary; Bennett, his butler. A Canada/France co-production.- TV North, Peter Kenter

Christopher Plummer .... Alexander Addington
Simon MacCorkindale .... Peter Sinclair
Cyrielle Claire .... Nicole Beaumont (1991-1992)
Stephen Shellen .... Luke Brenner (1991-1992)
Laurence Ashley .... Suzanne Addington (1991-1992)
Sophie Michaud .... Gabrielle Germont (1992-1994)
James Purcell .... Hector Stone (1992-1994)
Patricia Cartier .... Helene Previn (1992-1994)
Andre Mayers .... J.J.
Tom Kneebone .... Bennett

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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