Corporation (Series) (1975)

The CBC aired six of the seven black-and-white films that the National Film Board produced about the Steinberg corporation to provide a view of management operations in a major Canadian company. The six programs, produced, written, and directed by Arthur Hammond, each ran a half-hour. (The seventh, called After Mr. Sam, was also directed by Hammond and runs nearly eighty minutes.) Growth, the first program, traced the development of the family business and the current possibilities for expansion. The second program, Real Estate, considered Steinberg's position as a landowner in Quebec and as an influence on how and where people live. International Operations, the third program, dealt with the effects of Steinberg's first Paris store on the shopping habits of the French. The Market, the fourth film, outlines corporate strategy in relation to suppliers, competitors, and customers. The fifth program, Motivation, concerned the corporation's relations to its employees and their work. The final show in the series, Bilingualism, involved Steinberg's relations to Quebec society. Hammond had the offscreen and onscreen participation of company president and founder Sam Steinberg for the production. The films were edited by Pierre Lasry, and the cinematographer was Jean-Pierre Lachapelle. George Pearson was the series' executive producer.

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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