Connections (Documentary) (1977;1979)

Aka: Connections - The Second Series

Connections was a CBC special investigation into organized crime in Canada. It aired on CBC in 2 parts on Jun 12 and 13, 1977. The programs, which took three years to prepare, relied heavily on film shot by cameramen hidden in vans and on dark streets.

The first part explained how the major crime "families" were linked from coast to coast through business and marriage. It covered loan sharking and the criminal ties that existed between Montreal and New York, and Toronto and Buffalo. The second part explained how money was "laundered" through Swiss bank accounts and investments in Caribbean countries; it also explained the ties between criminal groups in Canada and similar groups in France and Hong Kong.

A follow-up called "Connections - The Second Series" aired in 3 parts on consecutive nights (Mar 26-28, 1979). The first part of this series dealt with the Violi Connection, the Godfather Connection, and the Robbery Connection which revealed a national network of bank robbers and how they operated. In the second part, The Papa Doc Connection showed how the mob once took over the entire country of Haiti; and The Casino Connection illustrated how the mob attempted to get involved in the world of casino gambling. The final part had The Kidnap Connection, the involvement of Canadian mobsters in a recent international kidnapping; and Life in the Mob, the world of the Mafia as seen by former Mafia members.

Warner Troyer .... Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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Can you please advice me on how I can buy video copies for the Connections films in 1977 & 1979

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