Concerto (Series) (1976)

In a series of seven half-hour programs, Victor Feldbrill, the conductor of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, introduced a variety of musical selections. In the first show of the series, produced by John Coulson, the Chamber Players of Toronto, with musical director Victor Martin and cellist Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi played a concerto by Vivaldi. To provide an idea of the variety in the series, in a later segment, produced by Mickael Sinelnikoff, fiddler Jean Carignan played Fantasy for Fiddle and Strings, a concerto composed for Carignan by Donald Patrinquin. The Chamber Players of Toronto returned in an instalment devoted to Bach and Marcello. Other performers in the series included Stephen Staryk, Walter Joachim, and conductor Jacques Beaudry.

Victor Feldbrill

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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