Concert Hour, The (Series) (1954-1966)

Aka: L'Heure du concert

The Concert Hour, a classical music program, was produced in Montreal and transmitted on both English and French stations, and included commentary in both languages. CBFT-TV had presented L'Heure du concert every other week, alternating with Teletheatre, but the musical show changed to a weekly broadcast when the network picked it up in spring of 1954. Performers included Glenn Gould, Robert Savoie, Marielle Pelletier, Herta Glaz, Louis Quilico, and Rosalyn Tureck.

The Concert Hour included more than instrumental and vocal performances of classical works. It also featured contemporary selections, and the show regularly included excerpts from opera and ballet. Conductors included Wilfred Pelletier, Desire Dufaw, Boyd Neel, Roland Leduc, Paul Scherman, Jean Deslauriers, and Sylvio Lacharite. The program also featured the work of such choreographers as Ludmilla Chiriaeff, Heino Heiden, Francoise Sullivan, Marc Beaudet, Brian Macdonald, Jury Gotschalks, and David Adams.

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC, SRC

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