Compass (Series) (1965-1966)

Compass represented experimentation and and expansion of conventional reportage for the CBC. Over its ten week schedule, Compass presented a wide variety of half-hour documentaries and studio productions under executive producer John Kennedy in 1965.

The 1966 season opened with a revue, called A Sign of the Times, in which members of Second City, the U.S. group, and Canadian performers Pam Hyatt Dinah Christie. Stan Daniels, Jean Templeton, Barrie Baldaro, Eric House, and Dave Broadfoot satirized current issues, including sex, the Vietnam war, racial prejudice, and civil violence. The series continued with an interview with Norman Podhoretz, by Patrick Watson; a program on the Establishment of English Canada, prepared by Larry Zolf; The Ecstasy Is Sometimes Fantastic, a film of the rock 'n' roll group, the Checkmates; Charles Oberdorf's profile of Judge J.H. Sissons, an itinerant justice in the Canadian North; and a look into a psychedelic club in Vancouver, by Jim Carney and David Ruskin.

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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