Communicate (Series) (1966-1967)

In the daily game show, Communicate, one member of a team tried to guess the name of a person or thing from one-word clues that his or her partner provided. Two teams competed in a best-of-three contest, and the winners met new contestants until they were beaten. Celebrity contestants formed one-half of each team. Winning contestants--at least the 'non-celebrity" type--took home cash prizes. Among the famous or moderately famous people who appeared on this show were the husband-and-wife competitors, Bill and Marilyn Walker, Frances Hyland and Paxton Whitehead from the Shaw Festival, Libby Christensen and Jimmy Tapp, and U.S. actors Cliff Robertson and Jane Morgan. Character actor Tom Harvey was the quizmaster until Bill Walker took his place in December 1966. Communicate was one of the rare examples on the CBC of a game show in the U.S. style, with cumulative prizes based on competition among "ordinary people" (as distinct from panel quiz shows such as Front Page Challenge, where the contest among well-known players is incidental to the chat that follows the solution, and the "prizes" to persons who contribute ideas are nominal). Communicate was directed by Des Hardman and produced by Mel Gunton.

Tom Harvey....Host (1966)
Bill Walker....Host (1966-1967)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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