Comedy Crackers (Series) (1970)

Comedy Crackers, like its predecessor, Comedy Cafe, was produced in Montreal by Dale Barnes, and starred Barrie Baldaro, Dave Broadfoot, George Carron, Joan Stuart, and Ted Zeigler in a series of comic and satiric sketches and blackouts. It resembled the earlier show in most respects. The program was taped before an audience at the Versailles Room of the Windsor Hotel, and also featured announcers Alec Bollini and Stanley Gibbons, and the Harry Marks orchestra.

Regular gags, such as the L'Anglaises, with Joan Stuart and George Carron as Anglo wife and Francophone husband, or the B & B Pub, with Carron and Baldaro as co-owners Jean-Guy Brisebois and Bert Bromhead, lampooned the friction between the two official cultures and languages.

Barry Baldaro
Alec Bollini .... Announcer (voice)
Dave Broadfoot .... Regular
George Carron .... Regular
Stan Gibbons .... Announcer (voice)
Joan Stuart .... Regular
Ted Zeigler .... Regular

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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