Comedy Café (Series) (1968-1969)

Comedy Cafe had been broadcast locally, in Montreal, in black and white in autumn 1968, and converted to colour for the CBC network in February 1969. Comedy Cafe included sketches with formats, such as "The Tavern," a collection of different types of men gathered in a typically Canadian beverage room where they discuss the events of the day over a few dozen draft, or the L'Anglaises, a Francophone husband and an Anglophone wife (a bit performed by George Carron and Stuart). Perennial revue performer Dave Broadfoot also gave the show addresses from the Member for Kicking Horse Pass, a character he had played in Spring Thaw and elsewhere.

The series was cancelled after six editions, but was picked up by CBC stations in Winnipeg and Vancouver for summer and fall schedules.

Barry Baldaro
Dave Broadfoot
George Carron
Peter Cullen
Joan Stuart
Ted Zeigler

Original Broadcaster(s): CBMT,CBC,CBWT,CBUT

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