College Game, The (Series) (1977-1978)

CBC sports gave a nineteen part series covering sollegiate sports the title The College Game. The autumn segment of the series were given over to college football, leading up to the Canadian College Bown on 19 November. Doug Saunders was the host for these games, with Steve Armitage calling the action and Whit Tucker providing commentary. The final six weeks of the series were devoted to a series of basketball games, with commentators Ted Reynolds, Don Wittman, and the coach of Canada's national team, Jack Donahue. Jim Spalding produced the football broadcasts, and Cec Browne oversaw the basketball coverage. Michael Lansbury was the series producer.

Doug Saunders....Host
Steve Armitage
Whit Tucker
Ted Reynolds
Don Wittman
Jack Donahue

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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