Collectors, The (TV Movie) (1999)

Collectors, The
Mixed-race buddy movies have come a long way since 48 Hours and Lethal Weapon. Now, instead of playing up the contrast between a black guy and a white guy, filmmakers can portray such characters as metaphorical blood brothers with almost the exact same cultural assumptions and value systems. Alas, such sociological observations are about the only thing of value imparted by this misfire, which features leaden performances, a laughable script, a few obvious plot twists, and a jaw-droppingly inappropriate sentimental streak. Casper Van Dien and Rick Fox play the black-guy/white-guy best friends united (oh so ironically) by both their criminal tendencies and their scruples. As for the actors, they're united by their uncannily handsome faces and their hapless acting. Co-star Catherine Oxenberg at least exudes some style in her hard-bitten, ass-kicking cop role, while Charlene Francique uses her cavernous bone structure and chic intelligence to good effect in a supporting turn as Fox's character's call-girl lady friend. You know you're in trouble, however, when the most convincing character in a guy-centric true-crime flick is the girlfriend. Director Sidney J. Furie has had a remarkably varied directorial career, but at this late date it seems liks such a veteran would be beyond the sort of banality that populates The Collectors. ~ Brian J. Dillard, All Movie Guide

Casper Van Dien....A.K.
Rick Fox....Ray
Catherine Oxenberg....Det Bailey
Andreas Apergis....Morgan
Pierre Bénard....Hotel clerk
Norman Mikeal Berketa....Bank Manager
Gouchy Boy....Jamal
Tony Calabretta....Barnes
Mike Chute....FBI Agent 2
Karen Cliche....Kate
Peter Michael Dillon....FBI agent
Daniella Ferrera....Liz
Charlene Francique....Lyla
Allen Altman....Peter Burns
Marcel Jeannin....Teller
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