Collaborators, The (Series) (1973-1974)

Collaborators, The
The Collaborators were the forensic scientists who worked with the police. Michael Kane played the gruff and instinctive Detective Sergeant Jim Brewer, and Paul Harding and Toby Tarnow played the scientists, Dr. Charles Erickson and his assistant Liz Roman. The program attempted to deal with the investigative process in an egalitarian way, from the scene of the crime to the police station to the lab.

Kane left the series due to ill-health after three episodes in the second season. His character was replaced for the final ten episodes by Detective-Sergeant Richard Tremblay, a police officer who tended to bend the rules.

Paul Harding .... Dr. Charles Erickson
Michael Kane .... Detective Sergeant Jim Brewer (1973-1974)
Donald Pilon .... Detective Sergeant Richard Tremblay (1974)
Toby Tarnow .... Liz Roman, Dr. Erickson's assisant
Lawrence Benedict .... Detective Quin
Les Carlson .... Detective Kaminski

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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