Club O'Connor (Series) (1957)

A summer replacement for The Plouffe Family, Club O'Connor represented piano player Billy O'Connor's return to CBC televison after an absence of a year. On this half-hour musical variety show from Toronto, he was accompanied by his band, with Jackie Richardson on bass, Ken Gill on guitar, Vic Centro on accordion, and drummer and singer Johnny Lindon, as well as singer Sylvia Murphy. All but Lindon had worked with O'Connor on his radio show. Bill Isbister wrote musical arrangements for the show, and Don Cameron was the host. Guests included dancers Joey Hollingsworth and the Taylor Twins, singer Georges Lafleche, and Hal Harvey and Pat Rafferty of the Dumbells.

Don Cameron....Host
Billy O'Connor
Jackie Richardson
Ken Gill
Vic Centro
Johnny Lindon
Sylvia Murphy
Bill Isbister

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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