Club 6 (Series) (1960-1962)

Club 6 was a local Toronto variety show for teenagers. The show was a spin-off from Dick Clark's American Bandstand- a compromise between teenagers' dancing and a public affairs show. Each show featured one school giving some attention to the achievements of its pupils while the hosts in general, including the studio audience of some 200 young people, enjoyed rock music. Mike Darrow, known for his regular rock show on CHUM radio, was the host.

The show included music and dancing, but at a muted level, within the bounds of good taste. Musical regulars included Tommy Ambrose and Pat Hervey, the Mickey Shannon combo, and the Walter Boys, a vocal quartet.

Mike Darrow .... Host
Bob Willson .... Interviewer
Tommy Ambrose .... Regular
Pat Hervey .... Regular (1961-62)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBLT

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