Close-Up (Series) (1957-1963)

Creator and executive producer Ross McLean spun Close-Up, a prime-time, weekly program off from Tabloid, the successful, daily, early evening public affairs show. The CBC supported the series with a substantial production budget that permitted McLean to send correspondents and camera crews to far locations for interviews and documentaries. Originally a half-hour, Close-Up expanded to a full hour in 1961, and programs were generally made up of segments lasting eight or nine minutes each. Interviews sent live to air and a commitment to produce engaging television programming on current affairs gave Close-Up a spontaneous quality that made it lively and popular.

Close-Up interviews were praised for staying with the subject's work and its significance, and for not being celebrity puff pieces.

J. Frank Willis....Host
Charles Templeton....Interviewer
Pierre Berton....Interviewer
Elaine Grand....Interviewer
Percy Saltzman....Interviewer
Dorothy Sangster....Interviewer
Jack Webster....Interviewer
Barbara Moon....Interviewer
Bob Quintrell....Interviewer
Robert Hoyt....Interviewer
Joyce Davidson....Interviewer
Blair Fraser

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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