Click (Series) (1962)

Frank Herbert, an amateur photographer, was co-host with Ken Haslom this weekly 15-minute program. Click was a show designed to inform and entertain both professional and amateur "shutter-bugs" interested in black and white, color, movie or miniature photography.

The two hosts spent hours each week preparing material for the show. Much of the work was done on their own time, but for the hosts, it was just part of a very absorbing hobby. Many of the pictures they showed on the program were ones they had taken themselves to illustrate the right and wrong ways of taking a photograph.

Herbert and Haslam called themselves advanced amateurs, but with the years of experience they had behind them and the type of work they had done, they were really amateur only in the financial sense.

Frank Herbert .... Co-Host
Ken Haslam .... Co-Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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