Claim to Fame (Series) (1982-1983)

Claim to Fame
Host Mike McManus introduced his guests, every one of whom had a claim to fame. There was a guy, for example, who claimed he won fame by winning $10,000 for eating an electric razor in a wacky-stunts contest. The members of the Blue Team (composed of various celebrities) unanimously disagreed- they said that he won the $10,000, all right, but that he won it for eating a tree. Or for felling a tree, not eating it, beaver-style— that is, by gnawing it down with his teeth. And so on. So who was telling the truth? That was up to the Red Team (more celebrities) to find out. It was not easy, because all of the claims are pretty offbeat- the first girl quarterback? A world-champion yodeller? A fellow who rented out mobile homes for honeymoons on wheels? The guests, depending on how many panelists they fooled, got up to $500, wow, in prize money. The celebrity teams changed every couple of weeks, and every guest got a chance to demonstrate his claim to fame on the air.

Mike McManus....Host
Lois Maxwell....Celebrity Panelist
Valerie Pringle....Celebrity Panelist
Don Dickinson....Celebrity Panelist
Brian Linehan....Celebrity Panelist
Deborah Burgess....Celebrity Panelist
Harvey Atkin....Celebrity Panelist

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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