Citizens' Forum (Series) (1955-1963)

Aka: Citizen's Forum

Citizens' Forum
The program format in its initial seasons included a panel discussion for the first twenty minutes, followed by an open session in which a studio audience was invited to participate. The show was generally organized into series of three weeks, followed by an "In the News" program, on national and international affairs. The program also welcomed viewers' responses, which formed the basis of a summary show called "What People Say."

In the 1956 season, the format changed and became more flexible so that the program could change according to the requirements of the topic under consideration. The series opened with four programs, called "Resolved That. . .," in the form of debates between teams of two to four speakers on the two sides of the questions. A subsequent series, titled "You Be The Critic," called for citizens to write in their opinions. A later series, called "Take It From Here," began shows with a dramatic sketch that illustrated such subjects as "Will Money Solve Our Educational Problems?" to prompt discussion.

It extended its own possibilities by travelling to different cities throughout the country, and sometimes used the telephone phone-in format to reach out to viewers and listeners.

Gordon Hawkins....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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