Circle Square (Series) (1975-?)

Circle Square
Circle Square was a syndicated variety show for children with themes which contribute to the mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual development. The show was conceived in the tradition of evangelical television, combining information and personal experience. In each program, the children learned to resolve social (interpersonal relationships) problems such as lying, cheating and stealing, by acting them out in a make-believe drama. Children were encouraged to become participants in life ... through sporting activities ... rather than remain spectators and to pursue creative and educational hobbies through the craft sequence. God's character was revealed through the animation of contemporary Bible parallels, such as the "Good Samaritan" whom was portrayed as a motorcyclist. In each program, the Circle Square children sang two or three specially-written songs, inviting the audience to join in. The cast read some of the thousands of letters they received each month. Often the writers of these letters expressed how they had learned to solve their personal problems through watching the show.

Producers: John and Maggie Spalding for Crossroads Christian Communications
Producer/script: Ruby M. Peckford
Writer: Jana Lyn Rutledge
Directors: Malcolm Neal, John Spalding
Executive producers: Glen Rutledge, David Mainse

Nadine Albreish
Aaron Ambrose
Christina Ariss
Marc Betsworth
Naomi Bock
J.C. Cunningham
Ric de Barros
Brock Ferguson
Jomo Hendrickson
Marci Ien
Aaron Johnston
Janice Johnston (1980-1982)
Darlene Long
Rebecca McKenchnie
Houi Meng
Peter John Moore (Seasons 1-2)
Brianna Mustard
Reynold Rutledge .... Durk
Martin Samuel
Stacey Spalding
Marisa Troja
Blair Stewart .... Puppeteer
Kevin Stewart .... Puppeteer
Sabrina Stewart .... Puppeteer
Karl Stewart .... Puppeteer

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV, Global

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byClick here to see the profile of this user bproudlove, March 12, 2008
Marci Ien is now on Canada AM. You can see her at the beginning of this clip,

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