Chez Nous (Series) (1957)

Aka: Chez Jacques

In autumn 1957, the CBC announced the premiere of a children's show called Chez Jacques, which was to run every other week, alternating with the Golden Age Players. Quebec singer Jacques Labrecque, who had made fourteen records of folk music for Folkways would welcome young viewers and guests into his fieldstone farmhouse for a half-hour of music and dance. The program appeared only once, on 7 October 1957.

Two weeks later, Labrecque was replaced with English Canadian singer and CBC veteran Alan Mills and Quebecoise Helene Baillargeon on a program retitled Chez Nous. The bilingual broadcast continued, on alternate weeks, until the end of the year. A Christmas show featured Louise Desparons-Danis, "Tante Louise", author of children's books and a storyteller on the French network.

Jacques Labrecque
Alan Mills
Helene Baillargeon
Louise Desparons

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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