Chez Hélène (Series) (1959-1973)

Chez Hélène
Chez Hélène was a children's television series produced by and broadcast on CBC Television. The 15-minute weekday program was broadcast on the English television network to provide viewers with exposure to the French language.

The program was produced at CBC's Montreal studios. It began its 14-season run on 26 October 1959, with the final program airing 25 May 1973.

Hélène Baillargeon portrayed the title role. Other cast members were Madeleine Kronby who portrayed the bilingual Louise, and a mouse puppet named Suzie who generally spoke English.

In terms of children's series, the program remained popular in its final season, with a reported 437 000 viewers recorded by BBM in November 1972. But CBC executives cancelled the series claiming that the series had run its course, and that the network's broadcasts of Sesame Street would incorporate five minutes of French-language segments per episode.

Madeleine Kronby .... Louise
Florence Shreiber .... Suzie the mouse
Corinne Orr .... Suzie the mouse
Hélène Baillargeon .... Hélène
Anthony Tremblay .... Peter

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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I lived beside a francophone family (in deepest anglo Ontario) and was desperate to decode what they were saying to each other. I may well have paid closer attention than any other kid in the province when Madeleine Kronby more or less translated what Suzie said. I tried to repeat what Suzie said (in a Suzie voice). Chez Hélène started me off, and I kept going until I had the darn language down. I sure wished it had been around when my kids were at an age to watch such a program.
Merci, Suzie!
byClick here to see the profile of this user dragonfly, December 18, 2009
as a child i loved this show i would sit daily just to watch susie just wanted to say thank you for all the years i enjoyed it wish it was air now so my grandaughter could enjoy it too :)
As a little child, viewing this show was one of the highlights of my day. It instigated in me the interest for the French language! It would be great if the episodes were available to buy on DVD for my children to watch...and myself of course. It would be an amazing trip down memory lane.
I loved this show! I remember I was CONVINCED that Suzie was a real talking mouse when I saw Hélène walk around the set holding her while SHE TALKED! That clinched it...Suzie was NO PUPPET!!! LOLOL

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