Check it Out! (Series) (1985-1988)

Check it Out!
Don Adams portrayed Howard Bannister, the sarcastic manager of a large supermarket. A cynical but kind-hearted perfectionist, he tried to run a tight ship despite a tidal wave of employee inefficiency. Bannister was joined by his secretary Edna and six other main staff members: Alf, Marlene, Jack Christian, Leslie, Murray and Jennifer.

Check It Out! was based on a hit British series, Tripper's Day, written by Brian Cooke, who also scripted Man About the House.

Jeff Pustil .... Jack Christian
Aaron Schwartz .... Leslie Rappaport
Don Adams .... Howard Bannister
Henry Beckman .... Alf Scully (1985-1986)
Dinah Christie .... Edna Moseley
Gordon Clapp .... Viker (1986-1988)
Barbara Hamilton .... Mrs. Cobb
Kathleen Laskey .... Marlene Weimaraner
Simon Reynolds .... Murray Amherst (1985-1987)
Tonya Lee Williams .... Jennifer Woods (1985-1986)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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